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I am Teague Pasco, an attorney specializing in small-business law. It is a professional focus for which I am well suited. In addition to my Masters degree in tax law and more than nine years as a practicing attorney, I spent 13 very meaningful years as a small-business owner. So, if you have tax questions, I can help. If you have business compliance issues, I can help. Or, if you are seeking the smartest way to start a new business or the most prudent way to move your current business forward, I can help. Simply put, I know the territory because I have been there.

Legal assistance for individuals goes hand-in-hand with my small-business emphasis. So does Real Estate savvy. Wills, trusts and Real Estate law are all part of the Pasco package. So, whether you need help with a will, an IRS challenge or a property tax evaluation, I can help.

Thank you for visiting my Web site. I have tried to organize it in a way that allows you to find answers to your questions quickly. Please explore. Then, call me. I am ready to serve you.

Teague Pasco, J.D., LL.M. in taxation.

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